Gin Botanicals Tin


Gin Botanicals Tin

The perfect gift for any gin enthusiast.

The stainless steel ‘masala dabba’ tin is the traditional way to keep spices for Indian cuisine and as it turns out, it is a fantastic way to keep botanicals for gin! Take a pick and mix style approach to your next glass of gin by adding a pinch of botanicals and take your favourite tipple to the next level. If you want to flavour to an entire bottle of gin, add your botanicals of choice and leave to infuse for atleast 24 hours.

Not only does this tin make it easier to choose your botanicals this tin will protect them from light, moisture and heat so they stay fresh and keep their flavour.  The double-walled lid also seals each compartment, so that there is no cross contamination.

We fill this tin with seven of the most wonderful gin botanicals.

  • Coriander seeds 20g
  • Dried orange segments 15g
  • Green cardamom pods 10g
  • Juniper berries 20g
  • Pink peppercorns 15g
  • Rose petals 6g
  • Star anise 10g