One Day Meta-Fit & Menopause Cookery Class Voucher


One Day Meta-Fit & Menopause Cookery Class Voucher

If you have hit that age in life where the hormones are playing havoc, you’re gaining weight around your middle and brain often feels like it’s in a fog, then the chances are you’ve hit menopause!

As women age, our bodies stop producing regular amounts of estrogen and progesterone. The age at which this happens can vary, but it can start as early as the late-30’s right up until late-50’s. Whilst losing the menstruation cycle may be a relief ….. some of the other changes are not so welcome.

As these changes are hormone related it mean that we need to modify our diet to adapt to the changes in our body chemistry.

In this one-day hand-on cookery class we’ll teach you which food to avoid and which food to embrace.  We will guide you through the impact of menopause and what your body needs to cope with it.

You will cook a range of dishes, that will incorporate proteins, such as chicken, fish, prawns, as well a specific vegetable, and most importantly a range of herbs and spices that will positively impact your metabolism and serotine levels to improve your body and hormone balance.  The ingredients selected on this class are designed to nutrient dense so that you can optimise the nutritional levels from every recipe whilst increasing your metabolic influencers.

You will be cooking dishes such as …. But not exclusive to

Spice crusted Salmon pomegranate & and Parsley dressing

Thyme & lemon crispy Chicken in Salsa Verde

Pear & Walnut Salad with Mexican Slaw

Berry, Cinnamon, Chai pudding

Sizzling Prawn curry

Mushroom & Mangetout Mee Goreng

Butternut squash steaks with houmous and jewelled Couscous

The class is run by Kumud Gandhi, Food Scientist Founder of The Cooking Academy and chef,