Moroccan Spice Blend (pot)


Moroccan Spice Blend (pot)

This is a delicate and delicious spice blend made from aromatic whole spices, freshly ground for you to create authentic Middle Eastern and North African dishes.

Our spice blend enhances dishes such as lamb tagines, couscous or a chickpea soup or stew.  This spice blend works beautifully when added to oil and used as a yoghurt dip with flat breads or to make a delicate marinade for chicken or lamb.  If you’re unsure of what spices to add to Middle Eastern cooking, our Moroccan spice blend will provide just the right balance of earthy tone and a very light trace of heat.

The ingredients for our spice blend are sourced worldwide and carefully blended at The Cooking Academy.

Packaged in recyclable and stackable tins- Net weight: 100g