One Day Spanish Tapas Class Voucher


One Day Spanish Tapas Class Voucher

Eat Spanish and you’re tasting food inspired by the Romans, the Gypsy communities and the Moors of North Africa. Spain is renowned for the regional diversity of its dishes and the abundance and superb quality of its produce.

This class gives you a culinary tour through some of Spain’s most exciting regional specialties by preparing a selection of famous tapas dishes that reflects this country’s rich culture and colourful history. Join us to create a number of tapas favourites using classic ingredients like smoked paprika, chorizo, sherry and ham. Delicioso!

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Prepare a range of tasty tapas dishes such as gambas al pil pill (prawns cooked in olive oil, infused with dried red chillies and garlic), the wonderful Romanesco sauce (found in so many dishes across Spain) and of course pimientos padron (roasted green peppers in olive oil and dusted with sea salt).

• Maximum of five people per course
• Includes lunch (cooked by you!) and refreshments; wine, beer or soft drinks
• We provide all ingredients and equipment. All you need to provide is you!
• Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced cooks


“Thank you for another wonderful cookery class - This is my third class in less than two months – I’m really enjoying the depth and breadth of the classes. I am a frequent traveller to Spain and love the food so I will immensely enjoy recreating these dishes and can thoroughly vouch for their authenticity.”

Pete Douglas

“Thank you for giving Cole a wonderful day during the Spanish Tapas class - he has thoroughly enjoyed himself, again - and is keen to attend your next dessert or pastry class. Thanks again.”

Antoinette Smedley Walsh

“George recently did a Spanish Cookery Class with yourself which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He regularly makes the dishes for us and has been able to use the knowledge from the class with other recipes so it’s certainly been a worthy investment.  He has a birthday coming up soon and has hinted at doing another class so no doubt he’ll see you soon and I can look forward to some other lovely food!   Many thanks once again.”

Charmaine Tilsbury