spice blends organic at tablespice blends organic at table

Indian Spice Gift Pack





Unlock your culinary skills at home with perfection.

Recreate the magic of our cuisine styles with convenience. The key to successfully repeating what you’ve learnt in our cookery class is to re-make the dishes as quickly as possible to reinforce your learning.  Our Starter Pack is available for your ease so that you can get cooking right away.

Why struggle to source seasonings when you can have them all in one pack?

Embrace flavours from Indian, Mediterranean, Asian or the specific cuisines of your choice. Each pack contains premium quality seasonings chosen by expert chefs to elevate your meals effortlessly. Recreate enticing dishes at home. Prepare curries, stir-fries, marinades, and appetisers hassle-free.

Our Starter Packs open doors to flavour exploration. Expand your culinary repertoire, impress guests, and indulge in authentic tastes.

Don’t let knowledge fade away. Embrace our Cookery Class Starter Pack and enjoy a culinary journey at home.

Order your Starter Pack today and unleash the chef within you! This product can be given when a course is attended, or delivered – please choose your desired option and the cuisine of choice at checkout

Quality guaranteed

Our innovative supply chain model guarantees the freshest and most flavourful herbs and spices available. We care for both people and the planet by offering recyclable packaging for our products.

Our  Spice Blends are award-winning products that have been recognised with 3 *** Great Taste Awards. They are made with the highest quality spices sourced from the best suppliers in India. It’s 100% chemical-free and organic, so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest and healthiest product.


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