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The Garlic Story Book is a unique cookbook focused on a single, humble, often overlooked ingredient. As founder of the award-winning The Cooking Academy and self-published creator of the 2018 cookbook A Cupboard Full Book of Spicesauthor Kumud Gandhi is passionate about food, and nothing sparks her culinary creativity more than garlic.

The Garlic Story Book divides into chapters inspired by the cuisines of different continents—Asian, European, North African, and Persian—as well as a chapter dedicated to delicious sauces and condiments.

Recipes Collection In The Garlic Story Book

Alongside an inspiring collection of over 50 recipes, This Garlic Book also contains plenty of information about the fascinating background of its star ingredient, including how to forage and grow the most delicious garlic and its endless health benefits. Author Kumud aims to encourage her readers to embrace every dimension of garlic, the common denominator of endlessly diverse flavours and cooking techniques.

From sweet confit cloves spread on toasted sourdough to grilled harissa seabass with smoked garlic butter, the mouth-watering dishes in this book may take your breath away (but promise not to leave you with garlic breath!) as they explore global food for every occasion.

Garlic: The Versatile Flavour Enhancer

Kumud’s garlic recipes showcase this unassuming allium’s many types and flavour profiles, teaching her readers how to maximise its intense potential.

Recipes such as Wild Garlic and Red Onion Tart and Black Garlic, Lemon, and Crème Fraiche Pappardelle demonstrate the versatility of the author’s go-to flavor enhancer.

This book introduces you to several types of garlic that may be new to your culinary repertoire, such as the tender, chive-like green garlic, which is easy to grow at home with the book’s easy-to-follow instructions.

A Culinary Resource for Travelers, Keen Cooks, and Garlic Lovers

The Book of Garlic is based on a wealth of experience and knowledge but, above all, passion for an ingredient most of us cook with every week but rarely give a second thought to. This book on garlic shines a light on the wonder of garlic, revealing a side to this divisive vegetable you probably didn’t know existed. For travelers, keen cooks, and garlic lovers, this is the ultimate culinary resource for your kitchen.

Reviews (6)

“Oh, to hear that one should ditch the garlic press! A revelation. I had no idea, and I shall do so, and pass the word around!

“I’m loving your latest book, I’ve made quite a few recipes, and they are so easy to follow, and just like ‘A cupboard Full of spices’ delivers so much flavour.  I’ve never made a confit before so that’s another new thing I’ve learned.  I’m loving it ….  Thank you for helping me to cook so much more from scratch … you’ve changed our families eating habits forever! “

“The Garlic Story unlocks a whole new world of culinary possibilities. A must-read for every food enthusiast!”

“This book doesn’t just share recipes; it shares the heart and soul of cooking. I’m already planning a garlic-themed dinner party!”

“I just wanted to drop a note to say having received the book for my birthday in November I’ve cooked something different from the book every week and used it to do most if not all of my Christmas cooking.  The Lamb and the potatoes went down a storm!  I’ve received lots of compliments for my food and just wanted to Thank you “

“All of your recipes are very minimal ingredients yet so much flavour.”

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