Turmeric Powder (pot)


Turmeric Powder (pot)

Turmeric native to south east India and is a member of the rhizome family, a root, along with ginger and galangal.  It has an amazing yellow golden hue and has been an important part of Asian and in particular Indian cooking for thousands of centuries – known for its medicinal properties.

Turmeric greatly enhances flavours in the cooking process much like asafoetida. It should be used in most savoury dishes, particularly when cooking potatoes, lentils, green vegetables and meats.  Fresh turmeric is also used as a pickle in dishes such as piccalilli and most commercial mustards both as a preservative and as a flavour enhancer.

Our turmeric is sourced from Gujarat and has been dried to a powdered form with the gentlest of processes to protect its natural properties.

Packaged in recyclable and stackable tins- Net weight: 75g