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Organics Pure Spices at The Cooking Academy

At The Cooking Academy we source & produce herbs and spices that are 100% natural, pure and organic spices – our ethos is to offer the highest quality herbs and spices that are totally fresh!. Our spices are completely traceable, sourced from some of the best spice growing regions around the world; where they are hygienically cleaned, processed and packed ready for use.

Our spice are rich in aroma and flavoursome because they are so fresh and whole. We use herbs and spices not just as a means of adding flavour to food but harnessing all of the goodness of its medicinal and chemical values that have been used effectively over thousands of years by ancient civilizations including our own. The ‘Spice of life’ is meant in a truly literal sense.

Using pure and unadulterated good spices make a huge difference to you cooking and will change the flavour of your meal.

The Pure Spice Shop at The Cooking Academy

Our spices are available as ‘pure spices’ and include products such as roasted cumin, coriander, paprika and many more, or as blended spices that have been ground and perfectly blended by us here at the Academy in several flavours to be paired with a range of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Infact the spices blends are so versatile they can be used as dry rubs, marinades or fully portioned spice mixes for any dish, a curry or kofta’s; their just ready for you enjoy! The size of the spice packets are designed to keep them as fresh as possible in resealable bags.

Buy pure spice directly on line

If your looking for the purest of spices, organic and unadulterated then visit The Cooking Academy Spice shop

Our pure freshly ground and whole spices are available to buy on line directly from us at our web site or on our cookery classes to enable you to cook the dishes you have learned in your cookery class.

Contact or telephone us on 0845 0 68 58 48


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