Put the spring into your heel – A Fantastic Mint Foot Scrub


Relaxing Mint Food Scrub – Healing for tired feet

If your feet are feeling a bit rough and tired at the end of long day or just looking a bit shabby then then foot scrub treatment has got your name all over it. Mint is well known for its healing properties both internally and for external application. The menthol properties will invigorate and leave your feet feeling rejuvenated. Mint also has anti-bacterial properties and it analgesic values will provide pain relief to tired and sore feet.

This mint scrub can also be used to treat muscle cramps and aches so if your legs need a bit of a lift then its all in this scrub.


250 ml natural yoghurt

125g course salt

100g fresh mint leaves pounded dwon in a mortor and pestal


Mix together all the ingredients and allow to stand for 10 minutes for the mint and the salt to activate together.

Apply to the feet and rub gently – scubbing where necessary on the rough areas. Take your taime over each foot as this blend is very calming on the foot and the nerves senses.

Rinse off and pat your feet dry and moisturise as normal

Now rub your feet together and smile!

Witten by Kumud Gandhi – Food devotee, writer & broadcaster, Founder of The Cooking Academy A cookery school that puts healthy ingredients at the heart of everything they teach. For further information go to or contact Kumud Gandhi at


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