Review Thai George – Thai Restaurant in Rickmansworth


Thai restaurants in Rickmansworth – Thai George

This restaurant has been established for a number of years, and has changed hands about 3 times during that period. As far as Thai food in the UK goes Thai George fairs pretty well. it does because the service is very good, staff are attentive, and your order is taken efficiently. The food also arrives fairly promptly, which is no bad thing if you’re hungry, however if you’re looking to make a night of it then you’ll need to take control of the pace a little. As for the food itself, this is a bit of a dilema, it is Thai food but originality and depth of flavour is often lacking, so if your know your Thai food then you’re going to be pretty disappointed, which is the case with a number of Thai restaurant I have found over the years. The Blue Elephant in Fulham is one of the few Thai restaurants that i think reall does consitently do well for original Thai falvour and creativity of menu items.

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