Smoothie time – Watermelon & Raspberry Splash


Yes it’s that time of year when the waistband is fully expanded and gym memberships are at an all time peak.

If the gym doesn’t appeal to you then there here’s the start of a range of simple smoothies that are designed to pack in the right Anti Oxidants, increase nutrient absorbtion and get you feeling fuller, but looking trimmer .

I’m starting with an all time favourite my Watermelon & Raspberry splash. It also works as a cocktail with a dash of vodka but that’s for cheeky party night only. Right now i’m concentrating on the post Christmas excess.

Watermelon & Raspberry splash

100g raspberries

10 strawberries

400g watermelon deskinned – don’t worry about the seeds

150 ml Cranberry juice

2 tbsp lemon juice

6 fresh mint leaves

Place all the ingredients into a blender, process until smooth, add ice if the blender can withstand it…. serve as a superb breakfast or mid day pick me up.

Recipe by Kumud Gandhi at The Cooking Academy cookery school.


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