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My spice cookery book, “A Cupboard Full Of Spices”, has finally gone to press.  It has been a labour of love and 10 years in the making.

The book describes my journey in food, and all the influences I have had from childhood in a traditional Indian home in the UK to the present day.  It is a compendium of spices, explaining their uses and medicinal properties.   In the book I bring these together to create “The Alchemy of Food” which is at the heart of all the cookery classes we hold at The Cooking Academy and the corporate wellness programmes and team building events we run throughout the world.

Exploding the myth on Spices

Having taught many hundreds of people to cook both Asian and European cuisines over the years, the overwhelming evidence is that that the challenge has always been understanding the use of spices in recipes, of any genre. Furthermore, the medicinal value of cooking with herbs and spices has been lost over the generations.  I have therefore made it my life’s mission to explode the myths on spices, the correct way to use them so their health benefits and flavours are utilised. This book is about sharing this very useful knowledge to create great food and improve your health in the process.

I am a passionate believer that good nutrition is essential to a healthy working life as well as home life.  Good nutrition means our brains are being fed the right nutrients and vitamins to ensure it functions, making us more alert, more motivated and therefore more productive.

The Ultimate Spice Cookery Book

The book contains a wealth of information about spices and their qualities.  Each recipe has been annotated to show the nutritional benefits of the ingredients, alongside easy to follow instructions and fabulous photographs of the food.

The book will be published in mid October and you can pre-order it on the website today A Cupboard Full of Spices


Kumud Gandhi is Founder of The Cooking Academy in Rickmansworth, Herts.  She is a published author, food writer and broadcasts on TV and Radio commenting on food and nutrition.




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