How Team-Building Events Foster Workplace Skills?


The feedback we get about our team-building events, apart from being a hugely enjoyable experience, is often about the additional benefits the employees gain from the event.

The teams are thrown together in an unfamiliar setting and have a time limited task to achieve.  This calls for leadership, teamwork, communications, strategy, and project planning even before they’ve lifted a pan.

It is an excellent way to observe how people work together, and how they go about achieving the tasks they have been set.

Some teams just ‘go for it’ without much analysis of the task ahead, and quickly find they might have to regroup, read the recipes, and ask for help.

Others can be taken over by a strong personality who might be good at a particular task in the office or their profession, but the skills are not so transferrable to a multi-task project such as producing a Thai banquet.

The most successful groups are those who take some time to read the recipes, sort out who has the skills needed for the task, and think about timing.  These teams are often the most innovative and creative and don’t lose the end objective from their sight.

The team-building skills they learn, or learn about by making mistakes, are all transferrable and sustainable skills that can be applied to the workplace.  In all cases, the teams go away with some learning and a sense of achievement.


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