Thai advanced cookery classes today at The Cooking Academy


Thai cooking classes for the converted

Thai food is just divine, and no more so than when you cook it yourself and have the pleasure of enjoying such fresh delightful food. If you know your Thai food then the next step is really to attend a Thai cookery class and enjoy the real deal home-cooked cusine just as Thai people eat.

If you have already attended our 1 day Thai cookery class then today’s Advanced Thai classes is really for you! You’ll be taking the plunge from what you learnt at the last class and going into the Phad Thai’s and Scented fish salads. The real essence of the day is in learning the hnts and tips around cookery, the techniques employed by the chef’s that provide such an insights on our cookery classes as well as the technical skill of the actual recipes.

Thai cooking is amazingly easy when you are shown how. On this class you will learn just how easily you can put together meals that look complicated yet are so simple, tasty and delicious, you’ll wonder hwhy you waited to so long and tolerated so many avaerage Thai restaurants and takeaways. Learning to cook thai food is a day of pure pleasure. Treat your self and book onto one of our classes today. Tel 01923 77 8880 now to book the next class


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