Thai Cookery classes in Hertfordshire


A Thai cookery class

We’ve got a Thai cookery class here at the academy. A collection of fabulous Thai recipes to share with Thai cookery enthusiasts. We’ll start with the ‘Spice Trail’ and take you on a journey of all the herbs and spices used in Thai cookery, this is a great start to the day, a demystication of the myths that cooking is complicated; as it begins to put all in the ingredients into simple English and help you find suitable swaps if necessary.

The class is entirely hands on – so make the most of cooking to your hearts content, without having to do the washing up. This cookery class will give you the menu for a dinner party; so look forward to entertaining your friends and family effortlessly. We’ll also give you lots of practical hints and tips to make cooking easy, even for the beginner.

With only 6 people per class you’ll feel right at home and in very friendly environment that is a simple pleasure for the day.

Classes run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. You’ll be taking lots of food home so be prepared for a take away. The cost of the 1/2 day class starts at £130 and the full day class is £199, all inclusive.

To book contact Sonia or Cara at The Cooking Academy. tel 01923 77 8880.


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