Thai cooking classes – learn to cook authentic Thai food


Thai cookery classes – Traditional & Authentic

We’re running the ever popular Thai Cooking Class today, and although its only Thursday 3rd week in January it seems like June already…. we are fully booked with Asian cooking classes since the new year. Trust me – I’m really not complaining, this is my labour of love and a passion and not many people can say they do what they want to do everyday, But i do!

In our 1 day Thai cookery classes we’ll be learning all about the spices used in traditional Thai cookery, the kind of equipment used to cook authentic Thai food. We will take a journey through the spice trail and get to grips with essential thai herbs and spices. This class will provide a really good grounding and cover a number of key dishes that are the cornerstones of a Thai diet as eaten in Thailand.

To find out more information or to book your place please contact Sonia Basra at the Cooking Academy. tel 01923 778880.


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