Thai Fish Kebabs – Fragrant and original


Thai Fish Kebabs

I love this recipe, its really simple and no guilty pleasures, it’s all good. It’s a great way of eating simple fish made tasty. It also looks like fine dining food so it’s a fabulous dish if you’re entertaining and of course for BBQ’s. But BBQ’s are a sore subject at the moment. Loads of recipes, just no sunshine 🙁 . Have a go and tell me how you get on and post me your pictures of the dish.


250g raw cod fillets cut into chunks (or any white fish or prawns)

3 lime leaves finely chopped

1 tbsp Green curry paste

½ egg

1 tbsp fish sauce

½ tsp sugar

1 tbsp plain flour (or corn flour)

1 large handful coriander leaves

60g French beans or sugar snap peas cut into

thin slices (julienne)

8 skewers

Cooking Instructions

Place the fish, egg, sugar, fish sauce and red Thai curry paste into the processor and blitz for 10-15 seconds, and turn out into a bowl.

Now add the lime leaves, coriander and flour and mix together.

Finally add the French beans or sugar snaps and mix well and divide into 10 balls.

Now roll into a sausage shape about 3.5 inches long, dab your finger in a little water to be able to work with the mixture and then push onto a sturdy skewer leaving at least 2/3 inches at the end to be able to pick up and handle.

Place on a foiled baking tray and cook at 180º Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes.

When cooked and ready to serve, garnish with fresh limes cut into quarters and a little chopped coriander.

Recipe by Kumud Gandhi, Food writer and broadcaster – Founder of The Cooking Academy – Home of Asian cookery classes – all things healthy and nutritious.


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