The Essence of Thai cookery


Flavours of the East from beautiful Bangkok are summed up in this highly original and authentic Thai cooking class, here at The Cooking Academy in Rickmansworth.

Thai cuisine is made up of lightly prepared dishes packed with spicy, fresh and well-balanced flavours. As with Asian cooking it is based on the five taste senses of heat through chilli, sour flavours with the use of tamarind, salty flavours typically using fish sauce, sweet flavours using jaggery, pure sugar, from cane juice and and unami flavours, bitter from lime.

We cover some of the classic Thai dishes that appear in menus throughout Thailand, highly original recipes that hit the note with all our customers and will leave your guests wanting to come back for more. Our cookery classes are entirely hands on with all the recipes being cooked by attendees – No demonstrations, we want you to actually learn by making the cookery journey yourself and experiencing first hand to ensure you remember and can re create the dishes at home in your own kitchen.

To book on one of our Thai cookery classes here email

Saturday 17th March, Thursday 29th March, or Saturday 12th May2012, or for further information call us on 01923 778880.


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