Good Nutrition in the Workplace


Nutritional Cookery Classes for Your Employees

Have you ever heard the expression ‘food for thought’ and wondered what it really means? Every organisation concerned with their productivity and profitability should seek out the answer.

Nutritional eating is vital to operating at our optimum levels, whether it is physical, mental or emotional and the link between health and success is increasingly recognised as a key factor in workplace and personal productivity. The mood, energy levels and thought processes at work are created by chemical reactions to our diet in the brain, which will influence how we interact with one another. Feeding the brain with the right balance of nutrition is therefore critical to maximising our output.

Nutrition Eating Class in the Workplace

With busy lifestyles and work pressures, it isn’t always possible to manage ones nutritional requirements at home, so employers must consider the needs of their professional family in the workplace. The right food and drink choices available to staff will have a dramatic impact on their engagement with colleagues, affecting their mood and concentration throughout their working day.

Investing in the nutritional needs of your employees will have a double win, for the individuals and the organisation through their increased productivity. Happy employees create positivity, which transcends to customers and suppliers, thereby enhancing your reputation as an ‘employer of choice’.  This in turn will have significant benefits to the bottom line in staff retention and a reduction in absenteeism.

Nutritional Cookery Programmes

The Cooking Academy offers a wide range of nutritional consultancy to evaluate and inspire change through employee engagement.  Our Corporate Nutritional Eating Programmes and Corporate Cookery teambuilding events are available throughout the UK to educate and inspire busy, working people. We can devise a bespoke solution to suit your requirements, including Executive nutritional coaching, cookery team-building, nutritional cookery classes and workshop-based group events.

Organisations such as Jaguar Landrover have added the full range of nutritional eating cookery classes from The Cooking Academy as part of their Employee Learning Scheme programme for their employees as a means of maximising health and well-being awareness within their business.

RES, a leading wind power provider, has recognised the value of good health in the workplace and the impact of food on employee well-being, they were inspired and motivated by the ‘Spice Trail Masterclass’ at their cookery event, which focused on the health and nutritional benefits of cooking with fresh herbs and spices, and the medicinal values of everyday ingredients.

If you feel that your organisation would benefit from a Nutritional cookery programme or cookery-based team-building event. Please contact Claire Larkin at 01923 778880 or email

Recent Client Reviews

“Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable event that went far beyond my expectations! The feedback I have had from the team has been the most positive I have ever had regarding events that I have arranged. You should be very proud of the event you have created.” Angela Marlowe – RES, August 2015

“Thank YOU for a wonderful evening! Everyone has been raving on about it today and we had so much fun. I’m so glad we could come to you for this event and I’m dying to come back”. Lou Watson – Universal Pictures, November 2015

“The day was great, I loved every minute of it. We learnt so much more than I expected a lot and we will definitely come back to another class. It was highly motivating, very informative and educational and everything was explained very well.” Natalia Neila – Jaguar Landrover, September 2015

Natalia attended an Advanced Indian class as part of the Jaguar Landrover Employee Learning Scheme. Where The Cooking Academy is the preferred supplier.

“Thank YOU for a wonderful evening! Everyone has been raving on about it today and we had so much fun.  I’m so glad we could come to you for this event and I’m dying to come back”. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our colleagues. Lou Watson – Universal Pictures, November 2015.


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