The Mediterranean Table Cookery Class


The Mediterranean diet has long been considered by many health institutes, worldwide as amongst the most healthy way of eating, being rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, fish and good oils. The cuisine of the Mediterranean is as diverse as the countries that lie along its basin- from Albania to Turkey.

Our Mediterranean Table cookery class takes you on a whistle stop tour to some of the best dishes that the region has to offer. Focusing on flavour, seasonality and top-quality ingredients, our tutor will introduce you to a range of delicious, well balanced, and healthy recipes from across the Med.

Starting with the classic cuisine of France we will move on to tempt your taste buds with the varied flavours of Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Traverse these sun-drenched climes from the comfort of our beautiful kitchen along with convivial company and the expert guidance of our chefs. For anyone who wants to eat both healthy and delicious food this is a trip not to be missed!

You’ll learn to create a range of dishes such as: –

  • Pan fried sea bass with orange, herbs and pink peppercorns with Pernod and fennel aioli
  • Marinated Courgettes with Walnuts and Stracciatella
  • Hummus souvlaki with flatbreads and tzatziki
  • Chicken shish kebab, pickles, chilli sauce
  • Prawns and potatoes in garlic and pimenton sauce

Following a Mediterranean diet offers a wide range of health benefits such as:

  • Improved Cognitive Function: The Mediterranean diet promotes healthy aging by promoting “good” gut bacteria which directly feeds into good brain health and reducing inflammation.
  • Reduced Inflammatory Markers: Leading research from UCL and Harvard University supports the idea that eating more vegetables and fish along with other nutritious foods helps to reduce chronic inflammation. The Mediterranean diet has plenty of anti-inflammatory foods, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes leafy greens, as well as olive oil, nuts, and fish.
  • Good for your heart: There is a lower occurrence of cardio vascular disease in Mediterranean countries than in the UK and U.S. and one likely reason is that a large percentage of fat in the Mediterranean diet is monounsaturated, from olive oil, which does not raise cholesterol levels the way saturated and trans fats do.
  • Weight Loss: The Mediterranean diet focuses on the social aspect of the meal and the importance of enjoying your food, and it encourages smaller portion sizes than what many people may be accustomed to.  When food tastes great and hits all the nutritional boxes, you are less tempted to keep grazing and therefore potentially may help to lose weight.
  • Good for your pocket: The Med diet is rooted in the food traditionally eaten by the less affluent, using vegetables such as onions, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Other ingredients such as beans, legumes, pasta, and cheese are also relatively inexpensive and widely available most of the year.

If you are interested in finding out the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet have a look at our blog post.

All classes are held at our Rickmansworth venue, WD3 1JR


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  • Usually 6-8 people per class
  • Includes lunch (cooked by you!) and refreshments; wine, beer or soft drinks
  • We provide all ingredients and equipment.
  • Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced cooks

Is lunch provided in this class?
Yes, lunch is provided (and cooked by you!). If you have any special dietary requirement please make those known to us at the time of your booking.

I have an intolerance or other dietary need
Please contact us before booking your Spanish Tapas class to be sure that we can accommodate your needs.

Is there parking available on site?
Yes, there is ample car parking available on site – free of charge.

Is there anything I need to bring to the class?
Yes, you will need to bring some food containers (quantity will be specified in your booking confirmation letter sent via email) with you to take home some of the delicious recipes you will cook on the day. This will also be highlighted in your booking confirmation letter. Everything else, including an apron will be provided.

Will I have my own cooker and cook my own recipes?
Yes, you will be cooking on your own hob and will be making the recipes individually tailored to your personal palate and preference.

Can I bring a spectator with me?
I’m afraid not. All attendees must be paying participants in the class.

If I purchase this cookery class voucher can the recipient exchange it for another class of their preference?
Yes, vouchers can be exchange for other classes, if there is a short-fall in the value, they can pay the difference. If the voucher is for a greater amount they will be able to make purchases on the day to use up the full value of the voucher. Alternatively, you can purchase an open voucher that can be redeemed against any class of the equivalent value.

I can’t handle spicy food; will your classes be too hot for me?
In our cookery classes, you get to make your own food to suit your own palate, so although we provide guidelines, you can adapt each recipe to suit your taste, as spicy or as not spicy as you’d like.

What is the minimum age to attend a class?
Anyone from the age of 11+ can attend our cookery classes, if you’re not sure which class would be best please do call us on 01923 778880 so we can help.

I’m a complete beginner, what class should I do?
Our cookery classes are not based on skill as such; they are all hands on and taught by an expert chef who can lead you through the cooking processes so even a beginner should be fine on our classes. However, if you want to start at the very beginning, and develop an understanding of food hygiene, knife skills and safety in the kitchen, our beginner’s cookery class would be the one for you.

I am an experienced cook, are all the courses suitable for me?
All courses are suitable for all levels as the classes are based more specifically on the cuisine rather than skill. The Chef will ensure that you have the assistance required to enjoy the day and really develop your cooking skills. If you are an experienced cook, you may particularly enjoy our Advanced classes. Please contact us if you would like further guidance.

I am allergic to certain foods/ I have a special dietary requirement. Will this cause a problem?
We try our best to accommodate for special dietary requirements. Please notify us of your dietary requirements within 24 hours of booking.  Please email us or call us on 01923 778880 if you would like to know whether your allergy can be accommodated on a particular course at least 28 days prior to the class. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any dietary requirements at the time of booking for your health and well being.

Will I eat the food I make?
There will be an opportunity to eat all the dishes that you make. All participants sit down together for lunch to enjoy the food they have made in the morning, and will be able to take home the food you make in the afternoon to share with family or friends.

What should I wear/take with me to the course?
Please wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes (no flip-flops or open toed shoes). We will provide you with everything you need for the day, all we ask for you to bring are tupperware containers.

Do you have facilities to purchase equipment on the day?
You will be able to purchase a good selection of equipment that you use in our classes, as well as a variety of spices.

Will I have food left over to take home with me?
Yes! On most of our classes, you will be able to take a selection of the delicious food you have made home with you. This does not apply to the half day Indian class.

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