The Power of Food – Nutritional cooking classes


Cooking for a better quality of life

The effect of food on our well being is absolutely paramount. Even minor changes in our eating habit can lead to major changes in our health for the better or worse. What you eat can not only affect you on a day to day basis but can having a major effect on the quality of your life in the future and indeed the length of your live. When you put it like that, it sounds quite harsh!

So if it is as easy as eating well, we should all be on the right path instantly, almost like a tick in the box…… However I don’t think it’s as easy as that. The trick is to know what to eat, and how to decipher what fad to follow. There is a myriad of confusing and conflicting information about what we should and shouldn’t eat, what’s good for us, five a day , seven a day, eat eggs, don’t eat eggs…. to name but a few.

An investment for your quality of life

Vitamins, minerals and fibre are essential to our growth and most importantly to future health as well; Meat, fish, eggs, fizzy drinks and squash does not contain any fibre. Only food made out of plant base contains fibre; however wheat does not count since most wheat has been refined and the fibre in this process has been lost. Stools are a very important indication of our health. Stagnant stools are toxic and can cause risk to the body and can increase the chances of bowel cancer. Do we pay enough attention to these things? Do we realise the impact of poor bowel motions?

Our One day Nutritional Cookery class is designed to give you some impartial information and fact about food. What our body needs and how much of it we should be eating. In this nutritional cooking class we will give you some key information about meal plans, a menu of high energy breakfasts to maximize your daily output both physical and mental.

Cooking Wonder foods with great flavour

This class will teach you to cook with great flavours to enjoy some powerful wonder foods on a daily basis; how to incorporate simple foods into your diet that will deliver great health benefits and feel good factor. We will unearth some simple everyday health points and get you to question yourself about your body to improve the way you look after yourself. This is your investment in yourself and if you care for other people then you are actually a very important person to look after, since your well being determines other peoples well being as well.

To book our 1 day nutritional cooking courses please call Sonia on 01923 778880 now and book onto one of our classes today.


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