The skin of an apple contains most of the minerals


Forget one, I’d say two apples a day will really getting you rocking to great health.

Apples are the understated ambassadors of good health. Often considered the boring fruit, but actually they are the foundation of the fruit bowl, and here’s why!

They are high in fibre, anti oxidants, as well as a host of vitamin and minerals including Vit A, B1, B2, B6, zinc, potassium, magnesium …. .

Of course the high fibre will aid digestion and improve your bowel motions, which is an instant benefit for most people. However the fibre contents also helps to release the sugar very slowly thus regulating your blood sugar levels which in turn makes you calm! In fact it’s the pectin contained in apples which is known to have a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol. The anti oxidants in apples, constricts the growth of the harmful cholestrol. As well as eating apples, apple juice is also very effective.

Apples also contain boron, a substance known to benefit bone density therefore important for strong bone development or if you may suffer from oesteoporosis, this could be of benefit to you. In fact there is mounting evidence to suggest that eating apples will help also reduce the chances of prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes and asthma.

Most of these benefits are attributable to the high fibre and phytochemicals present (ie anti oxidants). But apples also contain a substance called quercetin, which helps to prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells. Research is currently being conducted as to whether this same substance could have as much benefit to other forms of cancer cells. The substance is already known to protect the brain cells from Alzheimer’s. Given this understanding apples would also be good for children’s’ brain development and aid concentration throughout the day.

Apples can also prevent tooth decay, the juice of an apple can kill around 80% of mouth bacteria.

Besides the hard ‘core’ (pardon the pun) health benefits, you’ll be pleased to know apples are a great for anti ageing … they prevent wrinkles and promote hair growth (due to the substance called procyanidin B-2). Apply the old ‘anti’ rule – if its high in anti oxidants then its going to be high in anti ageing minerals.

And if you’re also looking to shed a pound or two … then look no further. Apples do not contain any fat. The high fibre content will aid digestion and help you to lose weight. Pectin makes you feel full for longer so eating 3 apples a day could help you to reduce your portion sizes at meal time which makes a huge difference to overall weight loss. Remember apples are quite low in calories and great as a snack or mid day filler.

And for the finale …. much of the goodness of apples is contained in the skins, so do not be tempted to peel before eating!!!

Written by Kumud Gandhi – Food writer, broadcaster and Founder of The Cooking Academy cookery school. Kumud Gandhi has a background in Food science and teach the importance of healthy eating for improved performance at work and school and for general well being. Contact Kumud on


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