Top Student Cooking Tips- Learn to survive at university


Student Cooking Tips- Save Money, Eat Healthily and Learn Essential #Survival Skills

Saved by Spices- A can of chickpeas or tinned tomatoes doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Salt and Pepper will become your best friends and don’t be afraid to spice up your dishes with a kick of chilli powder, cayenne pepper or paprika.

One sauce to rule them all- In our Introduction to Cooking class you’ll learn a fail proof tomato sauce recipe that you can use as a base for several different delicious dishes. You’ll be able to use the sauce for pastas, pizzas, enchiladas and more.

Meal prep is key- Planning your meals is essential so you don’t blow your budget at the shops. The 6 recipes learnt in our class can easily be adapted to create various dishes. Take out the heat from your chilli con carne and you’ve got yourself a banging bolognaise!

Knife Skills- Don’t cry when it comes to chopping your onions, it’s easier than you think! Learn some essential knife skills that will not only teach you how to slice safely but save you time in the kitchen as well.

The freezer is your friend- If you have cooked yourself a meal big enough for four, freeze the rest of it in batches and you’ll have your own ready meals when you’re feeling lazy or in a rush for a night out. Save your pennies for the cocktails!

Waste not, want not- This will help you save money. Don’t chuck out those brown bananas or stale bread, put those bananas in a smoothie or make a giant bread and butter pudding that will be sure to make you everyone’s bestie when housemates are craving some home comforts.

One pot wonders! It’s no secret that washing up is the worst part of cooking. So, make life easier for yourself and learn some one pot wonders. A simple stir fry is quick to prepare and all you need is your wok.

Store Cupboard Essentials- You may be sharing a fridge at uni which means not much room for fresh ingredients. You do however have your own cupboard, so make the most of it. Stock up on tinned tomatoes, flour, sugar and stock cubes. You may think you’re splashing out at the start, but your wallet will thank you in the long run.

Eat Healthily- Uni students have a bad rep for eating pot noodles and kebabs, but you don’t have to be the cliché. Make sure you buy nutrient rich foods and you will stay fuller for longer, avoiding the need to spend money on snacks and greasy takeaways. Your body and pockets will thank you later.

Confidence in the Kitchen– Our Introduction to Cooking class is all about building your confidence in the kitchen, from learning basic knife skills, 6 staple recipes and plenty of handy hints and tips to help you survive at University.

If you are wondering how you can learn all these student cooking tips before you start fresher’s week (or fortnight) in September, fear not! We have the perfect course for you! Our One Day Introduction to Cooking class will teach you all the above tips and more. Enjoy a full day of hands on cooking lead by a professionally trained chef will help you become a budding chef just in time for your University Journey.

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