Vegetables to eat for Weight Loss – Attend our Nutritional cookery class


Today we’ve had our 1 day nutritional cookery class

It is a cookery classes for nutritional cooking, great recipes that are nutrient rich. In this class we look at what food to eat to boost your immune system, feed your muscles with the right nutrients to keep you supple and fit to enjoy a long but healthy lifestyle.

This class is designed to show you how to cook a range of recipes that are nutritionally dense, deliciously tasty, and easy to make.

We will start with an quick update of basic nutritional information to set the scene, followed by an introduction to the powerful ingredients that should become part of your regularly shopping list, include the 10 most important ingredients you should eat on a daily and weekly basis.

Often times basic everyday ingredients are overlooked for modern fashionable ingredients. Porridge oats and Avocado for example, great basic food that provide essential nutrients to deliver healthy well-being. Learn to use oats as part of your diet in very tasty ways by learning to make your own super powered delicious granola and bircher museli. Butternut squash and tomatoes have fabulous nutrient value but how do you cook them to taste delicious? What advantage does fish have over chicken? Why is milk such a complete nutient. What food can be used to substite key ingredients like wheat.

All these questions and more will be answered on our healthy eating nutritional cookery class .

To book this class please contact or call us on 01923 778880.


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