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Vegetarian Cookery Classes

Vegetarian Cookery classes – learn to eat well on a vegetarian diet

Being vegetarian is a life choice. Whilst some would consider the choice to have it limitations, I believe that being vegetarian liberates your choices significantly. How so you might say?. Well as a carnivore I think one places meats and poultry at the centre of their meal plan and then use a limited number of vegetables in their repetoire. On the other hand, a vegetarian will enevitable use the the wide scope of vegetables at the centre of their meal thus have such a variety to choose from at their disposble, and will re invent even their favourite vegetables in so many different styles of cooking. When you add pulses and lentils to the mix as well as soya bean curd ….the choice is really quite endless.

Indian vegetarian cooking is particularly good good in bring variety and taste to ingredients. I’ve often said that Indian vegetarian cookery is the saving grace…. it’s much easier to be vegetarian when you’re able to cook Indian food as there is an even greater variety of vegetables native to the Indian and African sub continent . Of course is the key here is to learn to cook indian vegetarian food .

If you are not already familiar then book onto a vegetarian cookery class – learn to cook Indian vegetarian food and it could change your diet in a very positive way, being vegetarian will become easy.

It becomes amazingly easy to use different styles of cooking from a new country interchanged with different spices , you could cook the same ingredient 20 different ways and make the dish taste completely new each time.

Vegetarian cookery classes in Hertfordshire & London

To find out more about our vegetarian cookery classes please contact Alison Earle at The cooking Academy on alison@thecookingacademy.co.uk or telephone her on 01923 778880