Sustainable Eating Workshop

The Importance of Sustainable Eating

“How sustainable are we?” – It’s becoming an increasingly important question.

“The planet is in peril”  and it’s clear that we cannot restore it without transforming our food system. Whilst food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, what we eat has changed the planet. Across the globe, forests have been devastated to make space to rear cattle and to grow crops to feed livestock, whilst our oceans become barren as they are trawled and overfished.

The Negative Impact of Food Production
Food production is not only the greatest driver of wildlife loss, it contributes to climate change – approximately a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the food production process. At the same time, cookery skills and knowledge about our food chain has diminished and so it has become increasingly difficult to understand what to eat and how we can eat more sustainably to make food healthy, heart-warming, and delicious.

Join Our Workshop and Learn How to Eat Sustainably
In this presentation, Food Scientist, Broadcaster, and Author Kumud Gandhi explores how we can all make changes to our diet to help us eat well and feel great whilst being fully sustainable, which is good both for us and for the planet. In this highly engaging and thought-provoking sustainable eating workshop, Kumud takes a non-jargon, analytical evaluation of the relationship between what we eat, how we live, and the effects on the planet.

Interactive and Practical Learning Experience
Following the presentation, Kumud will discuss the best foods to eat to be more sustainable and look at how to incorporate them into our everyday meals. The presentation is highly interactive and ends with a Q&A before transitioning into the cookery demonstration of how to put these food groups into practice. The sessions are designed to improve sustainable eating food both at home and in the workplace.

Join Our Drive Towards Sustainability and Wellness
This presentation is part of our drive towards improving awareness of sustainability and healthy eating to improve wellness in the workplace.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to eat sustainably and make a positive impact on the planet. Make an inquiry to bring us to your work.

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What people say.

Amazing teacher – great, useful skills were learnt. The delivery of the class was really impressive and the teacher was willing to answer all the questions we asked. I really enjoyed this  Mediterranean class – it was informal, very friendly and very well run.

Mediterranean Class -Aiman Poptani

“The Malaysian cookery class today was exactly what I was hoping for. The delivery was perfect – it had the right level of theory and practice. I really enjoyed the day and I feel that I learnt a lot.”

Malaysian Class – Alan May
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