Assisting organisations retain and support their female colleagues.

The Cooking Academy provides a series of presentations designed to create awareness, educate, and provide support for menopause-friendly work practices to build resilience for menopause.  The presentations are aimed at various people within organisation:

  • Leaders to understand the issue at play and how to navigate the challenges through strategic change.
  • Managers to learn what they should be looking for and how they can provide support.
  • Women who are peri-menopausal, experiencing menopause symptoms and what they can do to ask for help and implement recommended changes.
  • Other staff in the organisation who have significant others or a parent that may be experiencing menopause that are affected by them.

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During this presentation, you will learn:

  • What menopause is and how it affects the body
  • The physical and emotional symptoms women experience during menopause – What to look out for
  • How body chemistry changes during menopause
  • How an organisation can support their female colleagues going through menopause
  • What nutrition is needed to balance hormones and combat symptoms
  • Which foods to add to your daily intake and those to avoid
  • Simple lifestyle changes that can help reduce symptoms


What’s included in the workshop:

  • Presentations that explain the symptoms of menopause and how they present themselves
  • Expert advice and tips for support from colleagues, line managers, and family
  • Insight into metabolic impact, serotonin levels, and weight gain
  • Guidance on the top ten nutrient-dense ingredients to eat
  • Great recipes that are family friendly to help achieve dietary goals


The Cooking Academy believes that menopause awareness isn’t just for women; everyone needs to understand how to help their direct reports, colleagues, partners, sisters, and significant others.


If you’re looking to create a supportive and inclusive workplace that values its female workforce, Building Resilience for Menopause is a must-attend event.

Contact us now to see how we can work with your organisation to help retain your talented female colleagues and support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

What people say.

“The Menopause cookery class was wonderfully presented and all questions were answered fully. It was a wonderful day and very enjoyable – I would do it all over again! Thank you very much.”

Menopause Class – Catherine Wade

Thank you very much for providing such a lovely experience. We really enjoyed it, and posted a blog on our website where we mention you guys: Fun with Blue Car at The Cooking Academy! 

Everyone had such a great time and are still talking about it a week later – I thought the food tasted delicious and so much lighter and healthier than what you get in restaurants. Thank you for inspiring us and coaching our team. (Ilaria – Blue Car technology)

Blue Car technology- Corporate Events
Blue Car Technology Logo Image

Thanks so much for sharing the recipes it was a fantastic event – everyone loved it thank you! Your entire team were great they looked after us so well and did such a good job – the food was delicious and under their guidance we were amazed at being able to produce such great dishes in such a short time. It was good fun, real team building experience with healthy competition and great feedback from the chefs.

Thank you we’ve already been recommending it around the office here at Dentons!

Thanks for all your help in organising this and please pass on our thanks to the chefs. I will certainly be happy to do a review. (Sally-DENTONS )

DENTONS – Corporate Events
Dentons Logo Image

I would just like to thank you all again for such a fantastic experience, it was incredibly educational and certainly gave me some food for thought (excuse the pun!) The afternoon was so very well thought out and delivered, everyone was so friendly, helpful * patient and I’m really looking forward to putting some of the recipes and techniques into practice

Thanks again! (Nicky- KARL STORZ)

KARL STORZ- Corporate Events
Karl Storz Logo Image

I had a really great time taking part and the food was just divine! The uber “healthy” recipes I’ve tried in the past have been somewhat uninspiring, but Kumud’s packed in so much flavour. And she did such a great job at explaining why the ingredients are important and what they do for us. 10 out of 10 afternoon, thank you!  (Kate -Karl Storz)

Karl Storz – Corporate Events
Karl Storz Logo Image

“The cookery event has helped me reflect on the importance of teamwork – there was a great team spirit throughout the day, and it has also taught me how food doesn’t just fill you up but is also part of your lifestyle. The whole day was first class – one of the best corporate days experienced.” (Mark Williams – Three UK)

Team building – Three UK
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