What Is Mindful Eating – A Comprehensive Guide in 2023


Mindful eating is about being present in the moment, only focussed on what you are doing at that time, and then using the most powerful, of all our senses – our sense of smell.

Smell and taste are closely related, and our sense of smell and the scent of food play a large role in the satisfaction and joy we get from eating. The more satisfied you are the less you will want to keep snacking and your mind will still be enjoying the last meal you ate.

How can you be more mindful?

Close your eyes before you’re about to eat and truly take in the aroma of your plate. Keeping your eyes closed, to avoid visual distractions, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What aromas are coming from your plate?
  2. Does the aroma make you hungry?
  3. Is there one aroma that is overwhelming, or can you smell the individual components of the meal?
  4. If you could only smell the meal and not see it, would you be interested in eating it?

Make a mental note of your answers and think about this as you eat.  Focus your mind on how the food feels in your mouth and note the textures. Remember to put your fork down after each mouthful to give yourself enough time to chew without feeling pressured to swallow because your next forkful is ready.

Concentrating intently on the aroma of the food you’re about to eat can help bring awareness to your meal, enhancing pleasure while making you more mindful of your eating experience.

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This article was written by Kumud Gandhi – she is a Food Scientist, Nutritionist, Public Speaker, Author, and Broadcaster.  If you would like further information on wellness events, and getting menopause on the agenda in your organization you can contact Kumud Gandhi at


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