What’s your favourite fool?


The perfect Fool for January

I’ve been fooling around over the weekend, between custard or cream but actually I’ve come up with a Fool recipe which is perfect for January and all its health regimes.

A ‘Fool’ in the dessert sense of the word is usually a dessert made up of custard with a puréed fruit swirled through it, traditionally rhubarb. More recently, perhaps over the last five years or so its become more fashionable to use whipped cream. In this recipe I have taken the ‘fool’ to a completely different level, in my attempt to find a really health but simple dessert packed with other goodies I’ve switched to using my wonderful Greek yoghurt. I’m a total yoghurt freak, it’s one of my everyday fridge ingredients I highly recommend everyone has a tub in the fridge; a super-food and if all else fails to fits the spot, a spoon full of thick creamy yoghurt always cools me down, breakfast lunch or dinner and somewhere in-between. My preference is the Rachels’ Organic range. I’m not usually organic insistent but they do make rather good yoghurt.

In my latest recipe of I’ve used fresh mango, passion fruit and lime, juice and zest – all of my favourite ingredients to create a burst of colour and zest in a somewhat otherwise mundane month of detoxing.

Mango & Lime Coconut Fool

Serves 4


2 ripe mangos

Zest & juice of 1 lime

300 g Greek Yoghurt

2 passion fruit – flesh scooped out

2 tbsp coconut flakes – lightly toasted till golden brown

2 tips fresh mint for garnish

Cooking Instructions:

Dry toast the coconut in a non stick pan for a few minutes until golden brown.
Remove the flesh from the mango, and purée the fruit until smooth.
Place the yoghurt, lime juice, zest and mango purée in a bowl and stir through lightly.
Decant into the serving bowls or glasses.
Spoon on the passion fruit seeds and juice and garnish with mint.
Place in the fridge for a few hours or until ready to serve.

Enjoy this delicious dessert guilt free knowing its full of super-foods and nothing else.

Cooks Tip 1: This is a super dessert to make ahead if you are entertaining. It is also excellent for lower calorie sinless deliciousness.

Cooks Tips 2: Add a cheeky dash of mascarpone cheese with the Greek yoghurt if you want the dessert to be a little creamier.


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