Why do we use spices in cooking


One of the most frequently asked questions here at The Cooking Academy cookery school in Hertfordshire is why so many spices are used in Indian cuisine. The answer is simple, spices are the essence of life; a perfect balance flavours that compliments everyday ingredients, making food the answer to all our dietary needs and provides the essence of well being.

I strongly believe we are what we consume, thus every grain and morsel should be a measured dose of ying and yang and should be prepared and eaten using all of our senses. Meals times are not simply pit stops, rather a time to nourish the body and soul to keep it working in perfect harmony. Many Indians follows the science of Ayurveda in the preparation of food, relying of the laws of natural food chemistry to work with our biology to provide the biochemistry of food. My first instinct has always been to look at the larder cupboard for answers to my bodily ailments and well being rather than the medicine cupboard. Food alone may not always cure every ailment but I do believe following this practise from an early age can prevent a number of common ailments and prevent some pretty serious dieseses.

My philosphy in food is ‘what is this going to do for me’. I want every meal to nourish more than my palette, I want it to tick some boxes on the nutrient table towards my RDA, and wait for it – I also want it to look appetizing and taste mouth watering. My mission in life has been to achieve this, it has to look great, smell aromatic, taste wonderful and make me work better; Not much to ask! And having achieved this I want to share my passion and food secrets with everyone else.

If in the Academy we can change the habits our everyday people to make them eat better and become more discerning about food then our mission is accomplished. The place to start is with a hearty breakfast.

Kumud Gandhi is a Food Scientist, Writer & Broadcaster, founder of The Cooking Academy. For more information please contact Cara Brummitt at The Cooking Academy. or Tel on 01923 77 888 0.


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